Read Up: The Encouragement Lounge

My colleague Harriet Schwartz writes a blog for her adult learners called The Encouragement Lounge. I quite like reading it because she offers her students some good fun (such as Saturday morning cartoons), lots of support, and in general, some very good advice. (Some of you may have already dipped into her blog as I have a permanent link to it:  scroll down and look right.)

She recently posted a lovely ditty for her students about time management, disciplining ourselves to get work done when we feel like we have too much work to do (wow – we all know *that* feeling!), and the importance of walking her dog.

Her words say it a lot better than my measly summary – please enjoy:

Thinking about discipline #1 – Trust the Pieces

puzzle_piecesI think this particular post appeals so much to me because it gets at that integration thing I keep yammering about. Putting pieces of a puzzle together is not like trying to find or maintain an elusive condition called “balance.”  Instead, putting pieces of a puzzle together involves making connections  – finding ways to make the pieces fit into something unified, something whole, something “together.” I like the idea of  being “together” — it’s quite appealing, isn’t it?


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