Looking for Clues

You know how on some days you just feel powerless – like you have no say, no input, no control, no influence? Like you are pushing a large boulder up a very steep hill and despite using all your strength and energy, it just keeps slipping back onto your big toe? Like you are  trying to lead a horse to water, and he won’t even budge toward the trough let alone take a drink?

When I feel this way, I try to get some perspective because surely my sense of powerlessness is not nearly as great as others’, right? Surely my sense of powerlessness is a trifle compared to what others  must feel and actually experience. Surely! (Right?)

Parker Palmer (who wrote one of my favorite books called The Courage to Teach) offers just the right dose of perspective in this lovely clip:

Specifically, I appreciate his suggestion of looking for clues about “alternative forms of power” — including the power of the human heart, soul, identity, and integrity.

Now *that’s* powerful!


One thought on “Looking for Clues

  1. I think we all have that feeling from time to time where days you just feel “powerless” no control, I have that at work sometimes. I just try to block it out go home take a shower make a good drink and lay on the couch. or listen to some music like Enya or Yanni. Just try to find something to help relax you and just forget the world.


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