Practicing – Everyday

One of my goals is to be able to play the piano as well as I could when I stopped playing the piano 20+ years ago (something I regret everyday).  In this vein, I am practicing a piece called “Everyday,” written by Carly Comando (I was able to buy the sheet music off her MySpace page).

Carly wrote this piece to accompany a video created by her friend Noah called “Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.”  It’s an interesting video that metaphorically addresses how one person changes, and remains the same, over time — a concept that certainly speaks to the role of learning, personal growth, and change. At the end of the video, Noah writes that he is “a work in progress.” If *that* doesn’t speak to us as learners / students / humans, I don’t know what does!

“Everyday” is a lovely tune (which, by the way, has since been picked up by the NBA and is used in some of their commercials, so it may sound familiar). Here’s the video and the music:

It is my intent, though I have not yet been successful, to practice this according to its title:  everyday. It seems that will likely be the best way for me to actually learn it.  Maybe to support my learning, I should take a video of me playing “Everyday” everyday — this way I might be able to see and hear my progress in a way that I might not otherwise. (How “meta” of me.)

For the time being, you can enjoy the work of Carly and Noah instead; it’s much more ready for public consumption as my version is most certainly still a work in progress. Just like me.


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