Off Kilter

You know how sometimes things don’t come together as you think they will, or as you’d like them to? In my family we call this “off kilter.” We’re not Irish, so I am not sure how we came to use this term for this feeling, but so it goes. It is a phrase that has sufficiently and with no blame explained times when the universe hasn’t been watching over us.

Here are a few examples of how things are shaping up to be off kilter for me this week:

1) At 3am this morning my kid woke up screaming and crying and didn’t really stop all day — he’s off kilter.

2) Then my computer froze and I had to restart it about ten times before it would even let me move the cursor — it was off kilter.

3) Our lovely spring weather went backwards a few months and those of us in Portland, Oregon felt like we were living in January again — the weather is off kilter (though many natives say it’s just spring in Portland, so what do I know?).

4) And something went wrong with dinner — totally off kilter, no more explanation required.

Then, in thinking more about what “kilter” and “off kilter” meant and doing a bit of Googlestalking to feed my habit, I happened across this video, the band “Off Kilter” singing Whiskey in the Jar, which is one of my favorite Irish jigs. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t recognize it at first.

No offense to these guys — I mean, they’re brave enough to wear kilts and get up on stage and sing and dance  — AND VIDEO TAPE THEMSELVES DOING IT — but really, they’re a bit off kilter, too, which explains their name.

And yet today, my totally off kilter day, I really rocked out to this. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?


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