On Grad School – Show Me The Money

I teach a course called Preparing for Graduate School, but I only teach it twice a year, and it might be helpful for some of you to have the latest resources I find on this topic, even if you aren’t in my class. To this end, I will continue to post resources here, on this blog, under the category of “Preparing for Grad School.” Please check back or subscribe to this blog using RSS (see more about this below) for more info for undergraduate adult learners who are thinking about grad school as a next step.

Here’s a new one that just came my way, a podcast that addresses this topic: “Whether you’re thinking about graduate school–or are already on your way–this podcast helps answer many questions about the financial aid process.” It’s geared to the professional adult student (yeah – you!), so it might be worth a listen.

Graduate School Financial Aid for Professionals

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2 thoughts on “On Grad School – Show Me The Money

  1. I’ve been considering graduate school. But the thing is, when my husband asks, “What’ll that get you?” I don’t have a good answer. The question is, does it matter if you have a Master’s? And if it’s been ten years since I graduated (with a second bachelor’s–long story), could I even be accepted into graduate school?

  2. Susan – in my mind, the question is worth thinking about, and it really depends on why you’d like to do it. It WILL get you something — a degree, at the least — and it might get you lots of new opportunities as well that at this point you can’t even imagine. But I also think it’s important to think about ROI as it will be time, money, and a lot of personal and emotional investment. Then again, as the commercial goes, learning in general can be “priceless.” My two cents…

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