Networking in Blogland

Here’s what seems to happen in blogland — we tend to network with bloggers who are like us, or who write for similar audiences and/or similar purposes, and in our blogs we talk about them and with them.  This is, in part, the brilliance of social media.

Case in point #1: Art

Case in point #2: Harriet

Case in point #2, Harriet, asked me to be a guest blogger in her blog The Encouragement Lounge this week, and I was thrilled to be asked! I don’t know her students, though I know they are, like many of you, busy adult learners.  So I wrote about a strategy that I’ve found helpful in my own learning — a strategy I like to call “Changing Perspective.”

You might appreciate it also;  instead of re-posting it, I’ll just have you go HERE to read it.

Also, for some reason, the images I shared with Harriet to use for the post weren’t working so well on her end, so I thought I would post them here instead because I like them and I think that, in part, they represent what I was trying to get at in my post. perspective_drawing2

perspective_drawing3Thank you for the honor, Harriet.


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