Introduction to Social Media Communications

Here’s more information about the course that Art and I are teaching this summer – you do not need to be a Marylhurst student to take or audit this course. Registration opens Monday May 18th.

Introduction to Social Media Communications: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & More

CCM 366-1E (1 credit) or CCM 066-1E (1 CEU)


This is a 3 week-long online course; it runs from 8/3/09 – 8/21/09.


In this online workshop, learners will be introduced to social media tools and concepts, focusing on how social media technologies can affect their work, learning, and life. Through hands-on demonstration and use of a variety of social media tools such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS, wikis, podcasting, and social bookmarking, participants will learn how these tools are shaping modern communication and how to incorporate them into everyday business, educational, and personal communications. We will also address topics such as digital etiquette, privacy, digital trails, and developing community.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand different kinds of social media applications and their uses.
  • Practice using some of the social media tools for specific educational, personal, and/or professional purposes.
  • Consider how social media applications affect modern communication in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes.
  • Assess the benefits and challenges associated with social media in order to make informed choices about participation in social media spaces.

Course Structure

Week 1 Points of Inquiry – Introduction to Social Media

  • Who are you and what do you know about social media?
  • What is social media?
  • Why are people using it?
  • How people are using it?

Week 2 Points of Inquiry – Social Media Tools

  • What are some of the various social media tools?
  • What do they do?
  • How do they do it?
  • What might you want to do with them, and why?

Week 3 Points of Inquiry – Implications of Social Media

  • What are the implications of social media on the following:
    • Etiquette
    • Privacy
    • Digital trails
    • Developing community
    • Power and control
    • Attention
    • Digital literacy
    • Communications
  • What are some of the benefits and challenges of using social media?
  • What are the possible applications of Social Media on you:
    • Professionally
    • Personally
    • Educationally

Learning Activities & Assignments

In addition to completing the course readings and participating in the course discussions, all of which will contribute to our learning as community, students will engage in a variety of weekly activities in order to meet the learning outcomes of the course. Specific details about these activities will be provided during the course.

Students will also plan and implement their own “Social Media Project,” which may include one of the following:

  • Plan and create a blog for a specific purpose
  • Plan and create a Facebook page or group for a specific purpose
  • Plan and create a LinkedIn page or group for a specific purpose
  • Plan and create a YouTube channel for a specific purpose
  • Plan and create a Twitter account for a specific purpose
  • Combination of some or all of the above
  • Or propose something else to the instructors that will best meet your needs for learning and using social media.

The project may be for personal, professional, and/or educational purposes. Specific guidelines and tools for planning and implementation will be provided in the course.

For registration information to go the Marylhurst Registration website.


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