The PLA Happy Dance


Learning to walk set you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are. -Melissa Hayden

Here in the PLA department, we like to dance — usually more figuratively than literally, but sometimes we literally dance as well, depending on who’s looking. There is often a lot to dance about in our department because we usually have a lot to celebrate: difficult-to-write essays returned with full credit recommendations; affirming and constructive feedback from evaluators; completed PLA portfolios. And, um, LEARNING!

Our PLA students seem to catch on to the PLA Happy Dance as well. Stephanie Lillegard recently wrote about her own PLA Happy Dance in her blog. Please read about her dance here: Dance With Me.

Stephanie: it’s fun for us to be your dance partners.  Don’t fill up your dance card just yet though; there’s surely more dancing to be done!


One thought on “The PLA Happy Dance

  1. No chance of a full dance card … this is a dancing CAREER I’ve got! The entire PLA process, new at each essay even as it becomes more familiar, is so deeply satisfying to me that the music plays every day. Thanks for the kudos, Melanie – the PLA department are great partners.

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