Eat The Chocolate

It’s that time of the year — there are 3 weeks left before the end of the term and the official end of this school year, commencement is right around the corner (yay!), folks are feeling frenzied trying to get their assignments in and figuring out their next steps, and a sense of summer has hit us hard here in Portland.

Alas, we’re not quite there yet …

To cope with all of this real or perceived stress, let me offer the following video clip. You probably feel a lot like Lucy these days (I know I do). But I think she has the right idea — one way or another, work through that which is coming at you fast and furiously.


One thought on “Eat The Chocolate

  1. I LOVE THIS EPISODE. I remember watching it with Mary Beth. I also remember when we used to do things like buy a bag of peanut butter cups and eat them all in one sitting. One for me, two for you, two for me, one for you…

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