A Visit To The Candy Shop


Yet another goodie from Larry Daloz’s book Mentor:


The proper aim of education is to promote significant learning. Significant learning entails development. Development means successively asking broader and deeper questions of the relationship between oneself and the world. This is as true for first graders as graduate students, for fledgling artists as graying accountants.

A good education ought to help people become both more receptive to and more discriminating about the world: seeing, feeling, and understanding more, yet sorting the pertinent from the peripheral with ever finer touch, increasingly able to integrate what they see and to make meaning of it in ways that enhance their ability to go on growing. To imagine otherwise, to act as though learning were simply a matter of stacking facts on top of one another, makes as much sense as thinking one can learn a language by memorizing a dictionary. (p. 243)

Total candy for people like me; I have just this kind of sweet tooth!


2 thoughts on “A Visit To The Candy Shop

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