Sherman Saved The Day

Elayna Alexandra (Flodin), one of the student bloggers in my collection, was thoughtful enough to send me a copy of a children’s book that she illustrated called Sherman the Frog Meets the Snow Princess for my kid Mac. Mac has a thing for frogs, and boy howdy, now he has a thing for Sherman!

ShermanThis past week, Mac, who 18 months old, has been suffering from some large molars pushing through and a bit of a summer cold to boot: the perfect storm for toddler (and parental) misery. None of the ordinary tricks of our trade were working to cheer him up.

Balloons? NO!

Blueberries? NO!

Trash truck? TRASH TRUCK??? (he had to think about that one, but then …) NO!

Vacuum? VACUUM??? PLEASE! (Ok – that one worked, but only for about 10 minutes before he was screaming again.)

But then, into our lives came Sherman. Sherman is not only a brave frog, but also an adventurous frog, and a frog that thinks of others before himself. Sherman, gifted with his wish from the Snow Princess, helps other folks  in need. Sherman, in essence, saves the day.

While Mac doesn’t quite yet understand the nuances of the story (um, at all!), he does understand that there’s a frog, a princess, some trees, some shoes, a hat or two, and snow. Oh, and did I mention a frog? Because in Mac’s world, that’s really all that matters.

In mom’s world, however, Sherman totally saved the day for us, in more ways than he will ever know. Thank you Elayna for your generosity. You are truly gifted: not only are you a wonderful illustrator, but your Sherman character can also chill out a sick and cranky toddler, a feat that not even a trash truck or vacuum combined can perform!

We are both grateful.


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