Dear Blog

Dearest PrattleNog,

I am remiss.

I feel guilty. Sad. Torn!!!

I feel like I’ve been a neglectful blog mother to you.

And yet, these last couple of weeks I have been pretty darn busy. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I am teaching a LRN 15o Learning Assessment Workshop class. (And boy howdy – what amazing students I have!)
  • I am trying to hire two new important people to work in my department. (Interviews!)
  • I am still doing some work on the university’s strategic planning process.
  • I am preparing to teach a new class (Introduction to Social Media Communications) – it starts August 3rd. YIKES!
  • I am preparing to teach another new class (Peer Mentoring and Coaching for our Education program). It starts in Winter term … seems like January is a long way off, so I probably can take my time. Yeah right!
  • I am trying to design an online career services workshop that’s harder than I thought it would be to design – starts July 28th. Double Yikes! YIKES YIKES!
  • I am reading several good books.  And I have sitting on my nightstand and office desk several more that I want to read.
  • I am reading really good articles, including this one titled Beyond Social Networking that summarizes EXACTLY my thoughts about the possibilities of social media for teaching and learning. I wish I had written it, and I am so glad that someone else did because I probably would have never gotten around to it.
  • I am wrangling my toddler. (Sometimes that is more work than all of the above, combined!)
  • I am gearing myself and my family up for our new used dog, Oscar, to come join us in mid-August. I am just telling you this because I am excited about Oscar, and I like this picture of him:
Oscar, My Soon To Be New Used Dog

Oscar, My Soon To Be New Used Dog

What can I say? I’ve been busy. Happy, and busy. I promise, blog, that I will do better soon.




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