Becoming More Cognizant Of Learning


Chip Brinks just completed a 33-credit Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio!

Chip, a Real Estate Studies major from Southern California (with extensive experience in the Real Estate industry), wrote for the following topics:

  • BA 238:  Sales / Selling as a Profession
  • RE 140: Intro to Property Management
  • RE 155: Intro to Escrow
  • MSD 117 and 161: Customer Relations
  • BUS 157: E-Commerce
  • PE 182: Tai Chi
  • PE 183: Beginning Karate I and II
  • PE : Swim Conditioning
  • PAC 242: SCUBA – Open Water
  • PAC 243: SCUBA – Advanced

Here is what Chip wrote about in his Final Reflective Essay in regard to his experiences with the PLA program:

Due to the self-discovery involved in the PLA process, I have developed additional learning skills which will empower me for the rest of my life. I now have become much more cognizant of learning and have gained a great deal of self-awareness as I develop knowledge acquired from new experiences. I have become more naturally curious about higher levels of knowledge as I apply the skills I have developed in this process.

Although I enjoyed the PLA process, I did find the pace to be very challenging and found it was wise to take only this course during each session. However, I found the PLA courses were very worthwhile as I have saved a tremendous amount of time in the pursuit of my degree without decreasing the quality of my education.

Congratulations Chip!


5 thoughts on “Becoming More Cognizant Of Learning

  1. Hi Chip,

    Your experience in taking only the PLA courses worries me a bit because I must take math to fill degree requirements and math slides right out of my brain unless I use it all the time. I took 101 last term and plan to take 102 this term — along with the PLA 305 course. I hope I can manage it!

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