Just For Fun

Several Christmases ago, my grandma was wearing a black silky shirt covered with colorful sequins in various shapes of Christmas decorations. It was a pretty flashy shirt for a 90-year old to be wearing at 9am in the morning. The time for Christmas dinner came and she declared that she needed to go change into her Christmas outfit. My husband asked  her, “So, what’s that you’re wearing then?” and she replied, “Oh this is my ‘just for fun’ shirt.”

penroseCalling upon Grandma’s discernment between the serious and the “just for fun,” here are the “just for fun” books sitting on my nightstand this week. I am reading them in no particular order other than the dates they are due back to the library.

Age Is Just A Number, by Dara Torres — because I saw her on The Daily Show and I thought we could be really great friends if a) I were a swimmer, athletic, competitive, or coach-able, or b) I lived next door to her in Florida and could bring her a plate of my healthy banana cookies and she could invite me in for coffee and we could swap kid stories, or c) she was desperate for friends, which I doubt that she is.  I usually am not one to read biographies — especially those of sports stars (with the exception of Phil Jackson) — but in this case, I appreciate her ideas about how the limits of middle-age are, in many ways, more socially or mentally constructed than physically determined.

The Happiest Toddler on the Block — because Karp’s advice in The Happiest Baby on the Block saved me from losing my mind about 21 months ago, so I figured his theories about dealing with the irrationality of toddlers might save me again. I have so much faith in this guy that I’ve even put a library hold on the DVD because I think seeing him deal with kids is much better than reading about it.  I’m armed and ready for the Terrible Two’s (which started at about 13 months — see Here. Does this mean they will end early?)

In Defense of Food — because I don’t want my kid to be addicted to Golden Grahams like I was. Am. Like I am. (Step 1: Admit your addiction.)

The Best Food Writing of 2007 — because I just like food. Eating it, making it, and reading about it. My favorite writer about food is MFK Fisher, who wrote: “First we eat, then we do everything else.” I want to paint this quote on my kitchen wall.

What are you reading “just for fun?”


2 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. I’m reading “The Red Tent” by author whose name I can’t remember at the moment, just for fun. My mom also read it, so I’ll have someone to talk about it with, which is really nice. 🙂

  2. Well, I’m not reading it but my husband Lane is… the Eric Clapton Autobiography. I get to hear excerpts here and there. It’s a miracle that the man is not dead and has learned the importance of humility through all his fame and fortune.

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