Prioritizing Your Priorities

Thanks to Christine's (TM) on Flickr for allowing this image to be shared!

Time management and the need for constant prioritization and re-prioritization seem to be perennial challenges for adult learners and instructors alike!

In another nifty post, my colleague and friend Harriet Schwartz from The Encouragement Lounge shares some fabulous  strategies for what you can do when you’re so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to begin:

Time Management – The Constant Challenge

I think I can add one:

#6:  Is there a way to combine tasks? For example, can you take the bus to work (or carpool) instead of driving so you can read that chapter for class this week?

Here is one strategy I use a lot, accordingly:  I practice a speech or workshop I need to give while walking my dog. He doesn’t seem to mind, and though he doesn’t always provide the most helpful feedback for improvement, he is generally a good listener.

What tips can you add?


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