This Is The Best Road

Dear Students,

Look at this picture.

"Internal or external" from Indexed

Does this speak to you?

If you are like many adult learners in higher education, you may still be trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. You may feel that you have traveled many roads already, and you still don’t have a good sense of direction.  Sound familiar? (It’s ok – you can admit it. We’re all in the same boat here.)

If so, then the road you are on — the road of being a student, a learner — is certainly one of the best you could have chosen.

This road is the direction.

Sure, there are a few potholes and speed bumps, and there will probably be a stop sign or two that will slow you down, and of course you’ll need to merge once or twice, and there may not be a great map or clearly marked street signs.

But this is the best road to be on.  Keep walking!




One thought on “This Is The Best Road

  1. You know, that reminds me of an Ursula K. le Guin quote I’ve been thinking of recently, which sort of says the same thing. I forget the exact wording, but it’s basically,

    “It’s nice to have a end to journey to, but in the end it’s the journey that matters.”

    Anyways, thanks. I think that’s a good thing to remind people of.

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