Four Down; One To Go!

In my family, especially with my toddler, we try our best to celebrate the small and otherwise “ordinary” successes that we have.  Here is a picture of my kid’s sticker chart, which we hang on the fridge every Monday morning. If he uses his manners and is a “good boy” at school each day, he gets a sticker. If the chart is filled up by Friday, he gets to go to the “burrito store” to celebrate.  (Friday is also trash truck day, but no stickers are required to watch that incredible magic out the window each Friday morning.)

How do you celebrate small but incremental successes? Here are three ideas:

  1. When you get an essay back with some great feedback, tell a friend, or have a piece of dark chocolate.
  2. When you finish reading that really hard book for class, pick up a magazine about your favorite topic and enjoy 15 minutes of reading bliss.  In fact, you probably don’t even need to read! You can let yourself just enjoy looking at all the pictures.
  3. When you and your colleagues finish up a big project at work, take yourselves to lunch at a new restaurant across town and order a new kind of appetizer to share.

What other things do you do to celebrate the small successes?


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