Verb: To Blog

Chris Brogan asked me today “How are you using your blogging?” (Ok, so to be honest, he didn’t ask me personally. He wrote a blog post with this question, and I happened to read it. But I took the question personally, as if he had asked me, personally.)

And I had to stop and think about that question.  I am not entirely sure!

  • I think I am using it, in some cases, to extend my mentoring and teaching practice.
  • I think I am using it, in some cases, to reach out to potential students/colleagues/friends.
  • I think I am using it, in some cases, to share information and my perspectives on that information.
  • And I think I am using it, in some cases, to share a bit of myself (with whomever cares enough to read my drivel).

Thanks to "inju" on Flickr for making this image available.

Speaking of blogging and wondering why I do it, I ran across this quote about blogging — from the famous Mr. Anonymous:

A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.

I promise that in PrattleNog I will spare you my shopping list (though I will tell you that it always has Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough on it.)

AND –  here are 50 more quotes from non-anonymous people about blogging that I’ve been thinking about.

What are your thoughts about “to blog?” Please share!


69 thoughts on “Verb: To Blog

  1. Blogging is such an interesting activity. Some people use it as an online diary while others become citizen journalists. I try to use my blog as a way to connect with my readers. It’s used to build community. It doesn’t always work. :/

  2. I am writing more than I ever have because of getting on WordPress. I am learning to share ideas and to communicate. This has been a challenge and an outlet. I know people don’t trust each other any more. I try to write from my heart, and leave it at that.

  3. “A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.”

    I love this quote you have here, Yet blogging is just awesome and each individual does it for many different reasons. I personally want it to be my normal diary, where i can share what I did, what I have done, what I intend to do and what I will do in the near future XD

  4. This is so interesting because i think that when a lot of people decide to make a blog, they are oblivious to the numerous other types of blog that exist. when i made my cooking/food blog, i could never have imagined the range of blogs that exist, there are basically blogs for everything, whether it be travel, culture, journalism etc..

  5. my blog inititally started off as something just for me that evolved into a way for me to share some positive quotes coupled with my thoughts with my friends and anyone else who might happen to stumble across my blog

    great picture by the way =]

  6. heh, i don’t know if community is the best term to use. it’s so hard to get interaction from readers sometimes. unless the community is active net people interacting with other active net people.

  7. good little post. I’m a relative newcomer to the sphere. I use the blog(s) for all sorts of things. I have three- one’s mainly for family fun stuff and updates to extended family. Second one is more serious and (hopefully!) thought provoking and the last one is supposed to be pure humor/an ode to my wonderful wife.
    I honestly think the blog is more for the writer than for the reader. I learn like crazy when I write it down, so I’m probably just a selfish pig using disk space on a wordpress server so I can make myself feel smarter. thanks…now I feel bad.

    • Thanks for the honesty – it’s refreshing and funny since I was wondering the same about myself. I figure if you get some things figured out by simply using disk space on a server, and without a psychiatrist or drugs, you’re doing pretty good. Cheers!

  8. I use mine to document most of my course work so I can study it later, most of it is just textbook rambling but occasionally there is a help hint or set of instructions in there, but only if I need to remember or learn it.
    I use another one to save my knitting pattern designs and websites.

    I think for me it is more of a filing device than anything, mostly because I don’t have enough writing wit to be funny 😦

  9. Great post! Love the quote regarding the shopping list. My blog has many faces. I find it therapeutic, a way for distant family & friends to catch up with life events, a place for me to rant & rave, and a journal tracking my journey of quitting my day job and returning to college for a career change. Cheers!

  10. I’m still trying to figuring out what blogging means to me, but I like the idea of building community with people.

  11. Blogging is definitely a verb now, and it’s probably one of the most varied definitions you’re going to get. You’re right, it can be from the mundane to the aspirational, and there are more reasons people blog than there are YouTube hits on “Telephone”.

  12. My blog is compiled of all the things I love in one place: music, fashion, how-to and whatever else I come across. I love sharing my info. So if someone else finds this interesting, all the better.
    It is also a place for me to promote myself and all that I create.

  13. I look forward to reading more from your blog. I’m a graduate student from the School for International Training (now The SIT Graduate Institute) in Brattleborro, Vermont. The competencies they base their educational goals on revolve around experiential learning and reflective practices. My blog is a result of my education there. Lovely to meet you in the blogosphere.


  14. I started blogging to share photos and experiences with friends when my husband and I traveled. And then I started reading other blogs; so many of you are such talented writers, I wanted to emulate you. So I continued blogging to satisfy that creative urge. But I get so excited when someone new comments on my blog and seems to like it, is it truly for me to satisfy my creative urge, or is it a longing for my 30 seconds in the sun? I love it when someone likes something I do.

  15. I just started blogging about a month ago and am so glad that I came across your’s. Keep up what you do because your style of design and writing is awesome. Thanks for sharing and I very much look forward to seeing your new posts and feel free to stop by mine as well!

  16. Thanks for the links. Realizing that the Internet has no eraser can be a difficult lesson.

    Blogging has allowed me to connect with others from around the world–pretty good since I don’t leave my community much.

  17. Blooging for me, is fun to communicate about life with people. I also use it for stress relief, and t hopefully share some things with people that might affect their lives in some small way. I hope it affects them in a positive way. I enjoy blogging as an older non-traditional pre-med student, it helps me to make sense of this thing called University life. I truly enjoy being myself, and expressin some of my thoughts, and I share my papers that I’ve written after they are graded. Sometimes I hope that they will perhaps share ideas with other students, and teachers. I love to share my joy, or send out shouts for people that need them, or animals, as my profs dog. It’s a tool for relief of stress, fun, and joy.

  18. I laugh, cry, rant and rave. I think, report, share, and discuss. I bore, and maybe sometimes entertain. I put digital messages into virtual bottles and throw them into cyberspace. And sometimes I get replies.

  19. blogging to me is a way of communicating to others and a form of sharing that all and even the smallest of thoughts a person has in his mind he gets to share it. blogging itself is a form of activity that encourage all others out there to share their ideas and say whatever they want to say to the world. 🙂

  20. I started blogging mainly to “come out of my shell” and express my opinions and ideas. I think your blog really sums up what blogging is all about- an easy, witty and catchy style of writing. Brilliant!

  21. I think you raise a really good point. Blogs can be such a positive source for change through just the sharing of information, even if it is to a limited community. I am so happy for the invention of the internet!

  22. I use my blog for evil!

    Well, not really. I wrote a humor blog years ago, but it became a chore. I just started a new blog to help me and my family cope with the impending move which will have my husband and I on different continents. Blogging seems like a natural thing to do for me as I am a poet and aspiring copywriter. I love to write, punkt slut.

  23. I forgot to mention that I blog because I have a need to be heard, a need to share, and a need to collaborate. Blogging meets a bunch of needs that I can’t always satisfy in my daily life.

  24. I thought I should cease to spend my life surfing Facebook and ski forums and turn my internet time to something more constructive. Picked the wrong subjects though – you’d have to be Samuel Pepys to stand out from the hordes of bloggers out there writing about food and life in France!

  25. That photo is hilarious.

    Blogging to me is like roaming around the mall with yourself and your mind. It’s like a me time that includes sharing things with other people.

  26. blog is a good friend as well as good listener to me. It helps me getting my mood back by pouring my emotions and also helps me share my joy to whomever read my posts. oh, i just love when it gives me surprises in the form of comments from people 🙂

  27. When I went out every day to work, I was a compulsive diarist. I wrote a diary every night, and filed it under my bed.
    Now that I spend most of my daytime alone, I blog.
    I write about what I am wearing, or what I am thinking in the hope that somebody will respond.
    I find it rather depressing that comments are extremely rare – but I keep on blogging.
    Maybe because I have a compulsive streak?

  28. I am blogging about all the random-est and non random stuff I come across. Also, its been improving my writing skills… =)

  29. To blog or not to blog…that is the real question. Lol, but in all honesty, I feel that blogging at its core is just an accelerated form of livejournal, with the added factor that, with an added public backing/support, a blog can turn into a real movement. Look at treehugger for example…I feel that with the right drive any blog can turn into a movement…which is amazing, because it allows users to really have a voice on the web! Blogs are kind of like a promotional item in the sense that they advertise themselves to our every want and desire.

  30. I use mine to make people think about themselves and other people, to inspire and to reach out to people…or atleast I try! Plus it doubles up as a journal…

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  32. Love the quote kendylau left. I have always been a writer, but never shared my work with anyone. When I started college, I decided it was time to share my words, and so I have recently started my blog of poetry, short stories, essays, etc. It’s a way for me to release, and if I get a few readers in the mean time, well so be it. 🙂 btw… This is a really great post!

  33. I’ve just started blogging, and I blog to share things I like or find interesting- knowing that at least one other person will probably find it interesting too! usually it is art related…

  34. I say different strokes for different folks….My blog is Christian related, and based on what I have learned about God, his plan of Salvation, and I try to bring perspective to that, so others can understand my faith as well. For it is very real to me. I don’t try to push anything down anyones throat, Thats a form of religion…..because again….there are different strokes for different folks!

  35. I think that there really isn’t any specific thing that you blog about. Blogging is whatever comes to mind… what problems we come across, or what challenges we have to overcome. A lot of people use blogging to get advice on everyday issues.

  36. We write because i want to show all the process of aou business and the soul of it.There are millions clothing brands but we feel something inside different, so we need to aproach this feeling to our costumers.We are learning from them.

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  38. Yay for reader participation! I actually just used my 100th blog post to address this question. The one underlying purpose for me to write something new is to remind myself that the world is full of novel, exciting things *every single day*. Also, my blog posts are snapshots in time – I can go back and see what caught my attention on any given day.

  39. I am Slovak and I know very very good the feeling of censorship 20 years ago. It was something horrible. This is really freedom of thinking and freedom of mind. Thank´s God for it.

  40. To me the world of blogging is like the working of a tapestry. Each individual blog is a unique thread that contribute to this beautiful art work of human mind. Recording the past, reporting the present and dreaming of the unknown future. I am proud and happy to be one among the colorful threads with or without comment.

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  44. I blog because the two endeavors that consume my days, teaching and parenting, can sometimes be really really really really really really isolating. So writing about them keeps me connected to other teachers and parents out there who feel the same way. And it keeps the Crazy from slowly seeping into my brain pan.

  45. Nice read. I started out with blogging because a lot of my peers were doing it. So I checked it out and from there, I started to like it.

  46. Don’t worry, Madame Booth, we’ll read your drivel.

    I basically write on my site (refuse to use the term “blog”) to get my opinions out in a way that people might actually read them. I used to do it as a review site, but now the reviews are more of a way to get people to read than the actual focus.

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