Who Knew?

I learn something new everyday.

Thanks to "psd" on Flickr for making this image available!

So yesterday I wrote a blog post.

And then I received this email:

Congrats! Your post ( https://prattlenog.com/2010/05/04/verb-to-blog/ ) has been promoted to Freshly Pressed on WordPress.com. Keep up the good work!

Editorial Czar
WordPress.com | Automattic

I chuckled at Joy’s title. “Czar.” Why not “queen?” I thought.

And then, I received several emails notifying me of comments on my post, and I logged in and checked my dashboard.

WOWZA! You people were reading my blog! Amazing! Who knew?

And THEN I saw this post from WordPress: Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

Who knew? This was a total accident on my part, but what a cool thing.

And, I learned that apparently you all want to talk about why you blog (as do I).  Who knew? So let’s do it!

My great thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my post. Each of you has added to my own reflections about my blogging practice, and I have learned a lot. I look forward to continuing the conversation; it’s a great one!


5 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. “And, I learned that apparently you all want to talk about why you blog (as do I). Who knew?”

    LOL, you asked the question:

    “What are your thoughts about “to blog?” Please share!”

    So we did. Congratulations on your Freshly Pressed feature and good luck going forward.

  2. Just poked through your blog and I think we’d make great briends (blog friends). Thanks for the comments!

    • Hey – thanks for visiting, and for the new word! Briends…I like it. Your blog post got me thinking, and tomorrow’s post is actually referencing prattlenog. See you around the blogosphere 🙂

  3. come on! you knew you were a “shoe in” with that cool graphic of the fingers spelling blog.

    by the way, my right hand has two fingers in a splint now. (I couldn’t have been the only one who tried it!) 🙂

    seriously though, great little post and you deserved the promo!

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