Five Blogs I Read

I am becoming fascinated with blog rhetoric. This makes sense, I guess, given that my MA is in Rhetoric & Writing, and I write this blog (less often than I would like to, but still …).

In any case, here is a sampling of the blogs I read every day (or when there are new posts; whichever comes first). That’s right! You read that correctly. Every. Day. Reading blogs is starting to become for me like reading the local newspaper used to be (before the newspaper became so uninteresting, before the new dog and cats came, and before the toddler insisted that he read the newspaper too).

BEFORE? Cup of coffee; bowl of cereal; NPR; newspaper; good start to the morning.

NOW? Cup of coffee; bowl of cereal; NPR; toddler reading sports section upside down looking for “bik-e-sols” while pining for a piece of my shredded wheat… dog chasing cat/s under table …coffee spilling on front page of newspaper … iPhone on; Google Reader enabled:


Enough about my morning routine. Alas, here are five of the blogs I read on a regular basis – a truly random sampling:

  1. Carnegie Connections Daily News Roundup (“News You Can Use”): Keeps me apprised of most of the latest higher ed news.
  2. The Encouragement Lounge: For one thing, Harriet has lovely photographs (almost all hers); for another, the blog is geared toward adult learners in higher education. I admire its style; I admire the “mentoring” I see within it; I admire the regular schedule on which Harriet posts.  Harriet is a nice person and a far-away colleague and I wish we worked together more. And, I usually learn something. So I read her blog.
  3. RealDelia: Finding Yourself in Adulthood — This is a new one to my collection as I’ve only started reading it recently. Delia Lloyd tends to write on topics that are mostly relevant to me: getting older, parenting, work/life balance stuff. Her recent post The Private Language of Marriage captured my attention for some reason; I sent it to my husband with this note that none of you will understand: “We’re going to need a special marketing plan.” He laughed. You know why he laughed? We have a private language. And in our language, that’s funny.
  4. Indexed: Smart. Visual. Nuff said.
  5. ChrisBrogan: He keeps me informed about social media / Web 2.0 stuff.  He’s also, in my opinion, a master blogger. Why not read the master?

Of course I try to keep up with my Student Bloggers as often as I can as well.

So … there out have it:  a list of five blogs that I read regularly (I have spared you all of the cooking / food ones for now; there are at least 15 of those that I peruse). Want to share 5 that you read? Please do! I might find more to add to my collection!


5 thoughts on “Five Blogs I Read

  1. Hi Melanie! What a fun post! You made my day with the mention of my blog and photography (a good reminder about how much it can mean when someone notices our work and says so!). And you pointed me to a few cool and useful blogs that I hadn’t seen before.

    Here are a few of my faves:

    RE: teaching adults — back atcha Melanie! I love your mix of advice and encouragement, news and trends, and some personal stuff too. The lessons from your little one might be one of my favorite blog series ever!

    RE: a study break — A Collection A Day — I love the collections and the photography — the host offers a new photo every day, so I visit the site, get a momentary smile and attention break and then get on with my day.

    RE: social justice — Two blogs I watch re: GLBTQ issues and advocacy are and In the first, local Pittsburgh activist Tom Waters offers commentary on GLBTQ issues (somewhat regional and somewhat national) and offers encouragement and advice on how to take action. In the second, noted social justice scholar Pat Griffin reports on issues and ideas re: GLBTQ athletes and the sports world more broadly.

    So, those are a few of my faves! Thanks for starting this cool conversation! Harriet

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