That’s Messed Up

Ad recently spotted on Craigslist in Portland:

I have a few reports I have to write for an online course I’m taking. This course is just for fun and it’s not for school, just non accredited knowledge for myself. That being said there are a few books that I just can not handle reading due to the material. I guess you can call it like it is and some may consider it cheating but I need someone to read the books I believe 4 in all not long reads and a write report and answer 24 questions for each book. I am happy to neg. price for this. I would be graded but once again it’s a non-accredited course and my reason is I just truly hate these 4 books. After these 4 books I can get to the stuff I really wanted to learn.

That’s messed up!

How do I even begin to count the ways in which that’s messed up? Let me start with three:

  1. If you’re taking the course “for fun,” for “knowledge for myself,” then why wouldn’t you do the reading and posts? You are cheating yourself!
  2. You “just truly hate” the books? Really? How would you know if you haven’t read them? Answer me that!
  3. Why does “non-accredited” matter here? It’s still a course; you are still the student in it!
  4. I know I was going to stop at three, but:  “Some may consider it cheating.” Um, yeah, MOST consider it cheating. You know why? IT IS CHEATING!

That’s Messed Up!

(Maybe I should reply to the ad. I see a teachable moment here; I just can’t help myself!)


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