That’s Messed Up (#2)

Another for my “That’s Messed Up” collection (sadly it’s beginning to be a collection):

Lillian Conway (I have no idea who she is) had the great nerve to email me this SPECIAL OFFER – TODAY ONLY. (Clearly, she doesn’t know me or my ideas about this kind of stuff, either.)

Special News for you!
Do you want a pleasant future, grow in  money, and the respect of all?
Today only:
We can assist with Diplomas from prestigious universities based on your present knowledge and professional experience.
Get a Degree in 4 weeks with our program!
~Our program will help EVERYONE with professional experience
get a 100% verified Degree:
– Just think about it… – You can realize YOUR Dreams!
– Live a better life by earning or upgrading your degree.
This is a splendid chance to make a right move and receive your due
benefits… if you are qualified but are lacking that piece of paper. Get one from us in a short time.
If you want to get better – you must Call us 24 hours to start improving your life!
Please leave us a message with your phone number with country code if outside USA and name and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

It is your chance…
Make the right move.
Do Not Reply to this Email.

Granted, it showed up in my Spam box. Appropriately. But still … That’s Messed Up!

And by the way, who signs their email “Sincerely, Do Not Reply to this Email” ?????????

That’s Messed Up, too!


2 thoughts on “That’s Messed Up (#2)

  1. Also file under That’s Messed Up, the Ads by Google which appear under this blog entry. Just proves the point even more.

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