I Believe In Kevin Bacon

One thing I really like to do is to connect people. I’ve appreciated it when people have connected me with others who share similar philosophies, projects, or perspectives, or from whom I can learn. Examples:

  • I once had a friend connect me with her neighbor, and that connection ultimately led to a great new job.
  • I once had a colleague connect me to his colleague, and he ultimately became a great new friend.
  • I once needed a critical eye on a draft of my dissertation, and my professor connected me to an outside reader whose feedback helped me overcome a giant roadblock.

Thanks to anemoneprojectors on Flickr for making this image available for reuse.

Kevin Bacon knows things.

Today I was able to connect two of my students who don’t know each other because in fact, from where I sit, they have a lot in common. A LOT!  I think they might hit it off quite nicely, and I hope they do.  I think they would each benefit from knowing the other. I do. I really think so.

Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people.
~Brion James

Then, today, I have produced. Huzzah!

Think about it:  Who can you connect?


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