Kicking & Screaming. No, Squawking.

Ok, so now I tweet. Actually, it’s more like I squawk.

Thanks to Donarreiskoffer on Wikimedia for the image. It's quite perfect.


I have no idea. But now I do.


Because everyone keeps asking me, “Why don’t you use Twitter?”

And I have never had a good answer, other than, “Why in the world would I want to be on Twitter? What would I ever have to tweet?”

My mind went to the mundane:

  • New #paleale @HUB. Good with the veg pizza. Go there.

Or the unthinkable:

  • @Everyone- @TheBoy just used the #potty! YAY for #housebreaking!

But, well, you know how it is. Kind of like this conversation I had with the toddler just yesterday:

“I don’t like lemon cucumbers.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t like them, mama.”

“But have you ever tried them?”

“I don’t like them.”

“But if you’ve never tasted them, how would you know you don’t like them?”


THIS is why I am using Twitter.


Follow me and see what happens. In my homeland, we call this experiential learning.


4 thoughts on “Kicking & Screaming. No, Squawking.

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this goes for you! As you know, I”ve been on twitter since the summer. I use it to send some stuff out, (sometimes my own stuff and sometimes interesting articles, etc), but so far, I’m not finding it to be all that useful or compelling. I may have just not found my rhythm yet?

  2. I’m with you Harriet – I’m following some interesting folks (you included, of course), but I am not sure what exactly to DO with it that I am not already doing in Facebook or PrattleNog. We’ll see …!

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