The Importance of Stats

Thanks (I think) to on Flickr for sharing this photo.

Today is Day 4 of the Great Twitter Experiment. I might give it a month to see what I think, but since I am the chief investigator in this experiment, and there’s neither a control nor an experimental group, and I don’t have funders to whom I am accountable, I might decide to only give it a week.  As my mother says, “We’ll see…”

BUT – here are the stats (very very important, apparently, that one track one’s stats when using social media). As of Day 4:

  • I have 33 tweeters that I am following (including my dad, who doesn’t seem to tweet and still likes email, so maybe it’s only 32)
  • I have 18 followers (though some are kinda sketchy – like “Fishing-Blogger,” a bass fishing blog. WTW???)
  • I’ve tweeted 16 times (except one was a mis-tweet – newbie error – so really 15)

I have connected my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to my Twitter account so now each time I tweet my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles show it.  And I have added a widget to this blog (look to your right, folks) that posts my most current tweets.

Rocket science, people! ROCKET.SCIENCE! (not)

And what does all of this tell me?


Well, nothing yet.

But as my mother says, “We’ll see…”


One thought on “The Importance of Stats

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