Installment #15: What My Toddler Has Taught Me About Adult Learning

Mac has a new game, and he plays it all the time. No, I mean All. The. Time!

It’s called: Find A Parking Spot

It’s also sometimes called: Stuck In Traffic

Here is how you play this game.

First, you have to find a parking spot for all the cars:

Then, all the cars need to line up to get on the bridge:

Then, the cars need to be next to other cars that match:

Then, all the cars need to go back to the parking lot to find a place to park, all while watching out for the trash truck because it’s bigger:

Finally, all the cars have to get back together again to be in a traffic jam and/or another parking lot:

The past few weeks Mac has asked me to play this game over and over again, and each time, it’s a version of what I’ve just described. The last time he asked me to play I said, “Mac, I don’t really like that game” to which he said, “But mama, I’ll let you drive!”

I have come to believe that this game is all about turning lemons into lemonade; it’s about making challenging situations into fun and imaginative ones; it’s about organizing chaos; it’s about trying to control that which we might not be able to actually control. It’s also about learning to navigate our way through the traffic jams and to find a good spot for ourselves. We might learn something from this game. The whole of the lesson isn’t entirely clear to me yet, but we might learn something. Something.

If anything, we might learn to watch out for the trash truck; it is, in fact, a whole lot bigger than all the rest of us. And last time I checked, there was an almost 3-year old behind the wheel.


#1 – Learning Can Happen When We Challenge our Perspectives

#2 – Learning is Developmental

#3 – We Learn by Direct Experience

#4 – We Learn by Observing Others, Even If Others Are Not Experts

#5 – The Importance Of Books In Learning

#6 – Selecting the Right Learning Tools

#7 – Ask For Help

#8 – Learn In Community

#9 – Embrace Ambiguity and Find Your Way

#10 – Apply Your Learning To New Situations or Problems

#11 – We Learn When We Are Well-Rested

#12 – The Importance of Feedback

#13 – We Need Good Food As Learning Fuel

#14 – Power To Life’s Puddles


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