All I Know I Have Learned Through Experience

If you’ve not seen The King’s Speech, do so if only for one provocative and beautiful line delivered by Lionel Logue, the speech therapist hired by King George VI to help him with his stammer. For this believer in learning-through-experience, Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, delivers one of the best lines in the entire movie (including the culminating King’s speech itself!). It goes something like this (not a direct quote):

“All I know I have learned through experience.”

If you think that a particular degree is required to be influential and to make a difference, think again. If you can learn from experience, from trial and error, from observation of others, and implement that learning into new situations, then you’ve got a lot more going for you than any piece of paper will give you. Even in this competitive job market, don’t underestimate your capacity to learn from experience. (Better yet, convert your prior learning experiences into college credit through a PLA program — then you get the best of all worlds!)

That’s my speech. Here’s the movie trailer:


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