Marylhurst University - Oregon

This week we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the PLA program at Marylhurst. In 1976, the first Marylhurst student was awarded college credit for learning he obtained from his work and life experience, and ever since then, the program has been a key to acknowledging the learning our adult students bring with them.

I’ve been with the program for the last six years, and I am so honored and grateful to be in a “teaching” position where I get to learn so much from my students.  Each and every day I am reminded about just how much knowledge, skills, and experience our adult learners bring with them. They are truly an inspiration to me. (To hear directly from them about their experiences in the program, check out the new PrattleNog page I just posted — it’s all about PLA and why it’s such a special kind of program.)

Happy Anniversary PLA! May you continue to serve Marylhurst’s adult learners in the very special way that you do. Thank you for including me on this magical, meaningful journey.


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Five!

  1. I didn’t know how old the PLA program is. It’s not something I’ve had anything to do with but I like knowing it’s there and have heard other students praise it. 🙂

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