Prattle Your Nog For A Good Cause

Friends of PrattleNog –

I know you all want to get your nogs prattling – here’s a good opportunity for a great cause!

Close enough...Thanks for J from the UK on Flickr for making this image available.

My Marylhurst colleague Jesse Stommel is seeking feedback on his ideas for our new online English degree program. As he writes in Hybrid Pedagogy,

I’ve been thinking about my audience for this series of posts. Initially, I had thought to bring digital humanities, literary studies, and educational technology experts into conversation, allowing my ideas for the program to be considered and influenced by a much larger network. I’m realizing, though, that there’s another group of experts from whom I particularly want feedback and suggestions: students. Ideally, this would include input from prospective students for the program, but since the program is only just barely beginning to germinate, what I’d like to do here is askboth students and teachers in existing programs to think about how the English degree is being transformed by digital technologies and about how online learning can be re-imagined through the use of new (and increasingly social) media.

I am super excited about this program in part because I will aways be an English major in heart and by degree (ok, by two degrees), and I love Jesse’s approach and ideas for getting this program off the ground. (We’re also going to do some nogging about innovative and meaningful ways to assess this program and students’ learning – good times to come!)

So – go HERE and help him out! It’s for a good cause, and I guarantee it will get your nog prattling!


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