Random Learning – Tower Cranes – Entry #1

Our nogs are prattling around my house these days. Mac is a 4-year old learning sponge, and we are exploring several random things he is interested in. So I am starting a new series called Random Learning, in which I’ll share all the random things we are learning.

Entry #1: How do tower cranes get assembled?

Answer #1: Watch this video to see how a tower crane self-assembles.

Answer #2: Watch this video to see how it’s done in a crowded city with strong people assembling the crane. (Mac pointed out that some of the guys are not wearing helmets or harnesses, and thus this is probably not a very safe way to do this activity. See, I told you our nogs are prattling! This is also a great example of transferring learning: Mac doesn’t know much about construction, but anyone who rides a bike without a helmet gets his firm disapproval. He even thinks helmets are important enough to casually wear around the house, and frankly, he’s right!)


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