Syllabus For Experiential Learning Camp – OR – Yep, They’re My Relatives

As most of you Nog-readers know, I’m a big fan of learning that can happen through experience. It’s a key element in Prior Learning Assessment of course — that is, that experience is turned into learning by a reflective process — and I, for one, try to learn by experience each and every day. You may call it trial by fire, or learn-as-you-go, but I’m pretty intentional about the reflection part (and for that matter, the learning part). So perhaps it’s no surprise that this concept — this learning approach — might be built into my DNA.

Case in point:

Next week my parents (known for the last 4 years as GG & Bapa) are coming to hang out with Mac while I leave town to do an accreditation visit and then tack on an “only 2 of us” vacation with the spouse.  We’ve been billing this week as “Grandparent Camp” to Mac for a while now and he’s getting pretty excited, especially since he received GG’s syllabus in the mail and we’ve been talking about all the things they’ll do.

Take a look:

Obviously, this is the syllabus for an experiential learning camp.  It aligns nicely with this not-too-shabby wikipedia definition for such:

Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience.[1] Simply put, Experiential Learning is learning from experience. The experience can be staged or left open. Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”[2] David A. Kolb helped to popularize the idea of experiential learning drawing heavily on the work of John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget. His work on experiential learning has contributed greatly to expanding the philosophy of experiential education. Staged experiential learning is often called a Dynamic Learning Experience (DLE) in certain high hazard industries.

It might actually become a Dynamic Learning Experience as sometimes dealing with my willful 4-year old can be like working in a high hazard industry, and because something tells me Mac will excel at “T”. GG may need a long sabbatical after this camp, and Bapa may need more practice in the “N” area to recover.

See? DNA. Now you know where I get it.


One thought on “Syllabus For Experiential Learning Camp – OR – Yep, They’re My Relatives

  1. You are not giving GG and Bapa enough credit. Everyone knows grandparents have magical powers over their grandchildren.

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