Heutagogy Highlights – Conference in Prague, March 2013

Heutagogy Community of Practice

Heutagogy: Reconceptualising Learning for the 21st Century – Stewart Hase

Since its inception in 2000, heutagogy or self-determined learning, has been discussed and applied in a number of different settings across the globe. This keynote address explores the fundamentals of heutagogy and its theoretical underpinnings. We will also examine a long overdue reconceptualization of learning based on advances in neuroscience and how this fits within heutagogy. Finally we will review recent applications. Consistent with the principles of heutagogy the session will be interactive involving a live Twitter feed and group discussion. To gain maximum benefit participants are requested to read about heutagogy by accessing the various papers and commentary that can be found on the web and particularly the heutagogy community of practice at  http://heutagogycop.wordpress.com/. Participants can also contact Stewart at stewart.hase@gmail.com.

Learning for Life: Preparing Students for the Complexities of the Workplace Today and Tomorrow–…

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