I am a higher educational leader focused on ensuring educational access, equity, and quality; student achievement; and programmatic and institutional vitality. I have deep knowledge and 20+ years of impact across a variety of higher educational institutions and organizations. My experience has centered on student learning, assessment, faculty development, program development, student support and engagement, employability, and quality assurance. My expertise has been developed across a variety of institutions primarily serving post-traditional learners, with a focus on experiential and community-based learning; employability and workforce development; prior learning assessment and competency-based education; integration of curricular and co-curricular high impact practices; and institutional innovation and improvement.


I am currently the Executive Director of The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education. With this initiative, I am bringing together many of my passions and prior experiences to connect higher education to preparing learners for employability — because doing so is no longer and either/or proposition.

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I am a consummate learner and practitioner of:

  • Connecting higher education to employability development and work-readiness;
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education;
  • New-majority learners in higher and postsecondary education;
  • Experiential learning, including service- and community-based learning;
  • Heutagogy;
  • Prior Learning Assessment / Credit for Prior Learning;
  • Faculty and staff learning and professional development;
  • Higher education quality assurance / accreditation;
  • And the learning-focused use of technology.


Prior to my work at The QA Commons, I was the Vice President of Educational Programs at WASC Senior College and University Commission.  To learn more about me, please feel free to:

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